How To Pack Guide From AQMS National

 Santa Clarita Moving

Packing Intro

- Figure out the size of moving boxes needed
- Get a TOTAL Moving box count
- Take note of any special packing items/material needed
- Check for any needed tools for the pack job
- Rubber bands/sharpies/tape/etc
- Pack the heavy items on the bottom of the moving boxes / light items on top
- Pack the moving boxes for density
- Focus on packing one room at a time
- Keep your pack job organized
- Mark 1st day box - use this moving box for storing all of the items that you'll need on the first day of Moving into your new place
- Parts bag - Keep the small pieces all together (While packing items can be easily lost, so keep a bag with any small and important pieces together)
- Leave one moving box open at the end of pack job for odds and ends
- You can seal the moving box later (use proper packing/movers tape)
- Proper labeling of each moving box for packing is necessary
- Always use a Sharpie when writing on the moving boxes
- Label should contain your name/contents/basic contents/phone #
- Put info on top and side (use a moving/packing pen i.e. Sharpie) of ALL moving boxes
- Clearly print ANY special instructions as well (fragile/this side up) on ALL moving boxes

Packing Materials

- Know your materials (packing materials)
- Use special packing material for glassware and fragile items
- Fragile Packing Material (poly peanuts, tissue, bubble packing wrap)
- Know the Box Sizes
1.5 book carton (Small moving box)
3.0 box (Medium moving box)
4.5 box (Large moving box)
6.0 box (Extra Large moving box)
- Wardrobe Boxes are FREE to use on the day of the move for ALL AQMS Local Moves
- Flat wardrobe (Prevents close from being wrinkled during the moving and storage process)
- Mirror Carton - There are several variations of this item that may be used during the packing/moving process. 2 Piece Mirror Cartons. 4 Piece Mirror Cartons. This item is for mirrors or printing


- Twin/double/queen/king
- Mattresses can either go into Mattress moving boxes or bags
- Use two people to avoid dragging or scuffing the mattress
- Slide the box spring or mattress INTO the carton; do NOT drag


- Looks like the inside of a standard box (but is a double corrugated thick moving box)
- Newsprint should be used to cushion dish pack moving boxes
- Newspaper stock unprinted paper can be utilized for dish pack moving boxes
- Duct Tape (mover/packer quality)


- Start your pack job in the Kitchen
- Utensil/Pots/Pans/Glasses/Etc
- Preferably use 3.0 or 4.5 moving boxes
- Friendly Tip: The heavier the item, the smaller the box
- Don’t mix pack: Food and cleaning supplies
- Ensure that all food containers are FULLY closed before packing layer dishes
- Wrap glasses individually (use movers paper/unprinted newsprint)
- Don’t over-pack the box
- Don’t stack anything on top of them
- Knives should be CLEARLY MARKED with SHARP EDGE DOWN
- Silver should be wrapped in non tarnishing paper if possible

Bathroom & Bedroom

- Pack linens into into 4.5 or 6.0 moving boxes
- Use movers quality newsprint to avoid soiling
- Friendly Tip: The bulkier the items, the larger the moving box
- Set aside one set of towels and sheets/blankets for the 1st day at new home

Packing Clothes
- Leave the clothes in drawers if possible
- Unfolded clothes can be placed in 4.5 or 6.0 moving boxes
- Moving boxes should be lined with Newsprint to avoid soiling

Tips for packing a child’s room
- Pack toys in appropriate size moving box
- Leave out a few toys for the 1st day and label that box accordingly

Tips for Packing bathroom
- 1st day items left out
- Use movers tape to seal all bottles
- Use 3.0 moving boxes mostly

Packing Hanging Clothes

- Use wardrobe boxes ONLY
- Tape the top of the hangers when done to avoid shifting
- Use Wardrobe (movers) boxes for drapes and curtains also

Dining Room

Tips for Packing Fine China
- Crumpled Newsprint in the bottom of the moving boxes
- 2 sheets between each bundle
- No more than 4 pieces in a bundle
- Density is the goal

Tips for Packing Crystal
- Use the most protective material available
- Layer the bottom of the carton with crumpled News Print
- Place the crystal UPRIGHT and NEVER pack on its side
- Wrap in bubble wrap/corrugated paper/tissue
- Add additional crumbled newsprint and tape to seal the moving boxes

Living Room

How to Packing Lamps
- Remove the Shade/bulb
- Wrap the cord around the base unit
- Wrap the base in padding or paper

Packing DVD/Blu Ray/Etc
- Make sure items have powered down properly
- Pack in the original boxes (if available, if not, moving boxes)

Tips for Packing a Computer
- Unplug the computer before packing


- Use newsprint to avoid spreading the dirt to other parts of the shipment

Packing Special Items
- Identifying hazardous materials
- Never pack the following items: Bleach, House paints, open containers of liquid, propane tanks or cans, gas or oils, butane, ammunition, open alcohol containers, aerosols, fire extinguishers, welding gas, antifreeze, disinfectant cleaners, perishable foods, items with excessive odor, open, non-sealed food containers.

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