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AQMS Storage

As one of the top storage facilities in the Santa Clarita Valley, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage will gladly accommodate all of your storage needs. We offer a wide range of storage options including vaulted storage for household and commercial goods, document storage, and pallet racking designed to distribute commodities with ease. Whether you are in need of a secure location to store your belongings for long term, or simply need a place to temporarily hold your items while completing the process of buying or selling your home, AQMS is ready to meet your needs.

Located just a few miles off Interstate 5, our easily accessible storage facility proves to make storing and retrieving your items a breeze. With 100% of our storage inventory securely stored indoors, accessing your belongings is no longer an event that has to be coordinated around the weather.

Pick-Up or Drop Off

One of the many facets that set AQMS’ storage facility apart from others is our flexibility when it comes to options offered to our customers with how they can begin storing their items with us.

Whether you prefer to have AQMS inventory, wrap and load your items directly from your home into your individually designated storage vaults, or simply bring you belongings to our location personally, AQMS is happy to accommodate your needs.

What’s included?

Included in our storage services, we provide a wide variety of packing materials for our customers to utilize while storing their items with us at no additional cost. AQMS gladly supplies our customers with items such as furniture pads (a.k.a. moving blankets), shrink wrap, tape and wardrobe cartons absolutely FREE. We take pride in our customer’s feelings of comfort knowing their possessions are securely protected with the appropriate materials needed (provided at no out of pocket expense to them).

For customers who are unsure how long their belongings need to be stored, AQMS offers a month-to-month storage plan which is a great way to safely store personal effects without being weighed down by a long term commitment.

If you are a potential customer looking to store certain items for long periods of time (ie. holiday décor, documents, family heirlooms, seasonal sporting goods, camping equipment, etc.), take advantage of the discounts we offer for storage plans paid for in advance. Contact our office for additional details on how you can enjoy money saving benefits for your long term storage needs.

Security: When you make the decision to store all of your precious belongings somewhere other than under your own roof, it’s important to know those things are in safe, secure location. With all of our inventory stored indoors, gone is the notion of even a slight possibility that anyone with a pair of bolt cutters can roll up the door to your storage unit and have access to your priceless possessions. Not only is our storage under 24/7 lock and key with an alarm system on at all times, our surveillance cameras and around the clock complex security guard ice the cake when trying to decide whether or not your items are in good hands.

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